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Sonoma Horse Park hosts many horse shows each year. They offer events for all experience levels, from novice to grand prix, plus circuit championships and awards. These shows provide a friendly, encouraging atmosphere to introduce new riders to the world of horse shows and offer more experienced riders the challenge of upper level competition. Marian’s advanced riders also show extensively throughout the state. With such a great variety of shows to choose from, your competitive spirit will never go unsatisfied!

E x c e p t i o n a l JUNIOR PROGRAM

Children receive lessons on safe, reliable ponies and horses. Private lessons on a lead line with the

instructor walking next to the horse help each child develop confidence and trust. Children progress

into lessons with others of similar age and ability. Private lessons are always available when needed.

Marian has taken countless children from lead line lessons to winning championships, medal finals and

high point awards. Lessons are year round, Tuesday through Sunday. Lesson times are flexible to

accommodate school schedules.


Clinics present an opportunity to improve

your riding skills while learning from the best

professionals in the business. Our worldrenowned

clinicians have included Richard

Keller, Nick Karazissis, Judy Martin, Beth

Neilson, Dick Widger, Richard Spooner and

Bernie Traurig.

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