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Board Care & Training


Board, Care & Training

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All horses at MNE are expertly taken care of by a team of experienced horsemen - from grooms, who have been with us for over 10 years, to our training staff including Marian and Sue Ellen Wright, to our great team of riders, veterinarians, farriers, and body work specialists.  We take care of turnouts, blanketing, lunging (if needed) and scheduling  appointments and handling your horse during vet and farrier visits. We also feed your supplements, grain and medications.  We regularly trim horses’ legs and head, keeping them looking their best. Our horses are turned out regularly with access to their own paddocks for their overall mental wellness.

Marian’s training philosophy is that form follows function. She focuses on teaching the classic fundamentals of riding that are the building blocks of correct riding. With a focus on riding on the flat, learning basic dressage to learn the proper aides to communicate with the horse and to get the responses required at the upper levels of riding. Teaching a correct equitation position translates to solid riding skills and also helps develop confidence in each rider preparing them to perform in the show ring.

Our full training program includes professional rides and up to three lessons a week. These programs are customized based on the individual needs and goals of each rider and their horse.  Riders will typically be on a weekly schedule for lessons, though we are flexible to accommodate our clients’ schedules. Small group lessons and semi-private lessons are paired with riders of the same level. Private lessons are available to offer more individualized attention to horse and rider when needed.  

Horsemanship is a key element of the training at MNE. All students are trained to take care of their horses and equipment.  We believe that grooming, tacking up and untacking helps strengthen the bond between horse and rider, and creates well rounded horsemen and women.


At MNE, we have a friendly, fun community of riders that support one another which we feel adds to their success!

Board includes a well ventilated 12" x 14" box stall, attached paddock, twice daily hay feeding and stall cleaning.  Arenas with high quality footing are regularly maintained and dragged daily.

Lesson Program

Lesson Program


We offer monthly lesson packages for beginner, intermediate and advance riders.  We have a selection of patient and kind school horses and ponies who have experience with all level riders.

Inquire about horse leases and sponsorships.

Horse Shows

Horse Shows

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With eight rated shows on-site at Sonoma Show Park, MNE is ideally located for easy participation and access to top rated shows. In addition, we attend rated horse shows throughout California so no matter what level of riding, all clients can pursue their competitive goals. We offer an encouraging, supportive community to introduce new riders to the world of horse shows as well as high level training for the more experienced competitor.

When MNE riders step into the show arena, they are confident and effective, whether in the hunter, jumper or equitation divisions. These traits come from hard work and effort put in at home. Before, between and after shows, our goal is to work on riding fundamentals, which are the essential building blocks of a successful training regiment.  Developing these fundamentals then allows the horses and riders to move beyond those basics with a solid foundation for achieving higher levels of riding.  All of this will help create riders who are confident and prepared for all levels of competition.


We believe that all riders deserve the same level of care and attention, whether you are showing in your first Short Stirrup class, or are in the Grand Prix ring. Accordingly, we will ensure that you and your horses are always prepared to enter the ring through consistent training at home and away.

IEA Team

IEA Team

In 2016 MNE started an Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) team which is open to riders from 4th to 12th grade. Coached by Marian, we have over 15 members who compete in the IEA Hunt Seat Zone 10 horse shows in Northern California. The team travels to shows and competes in flat and over fences classes, in beginner through advanced events.  You do not need to own a horse to participate - all horses are provided by the host team.

IEA allows all level riders to compete and learn the benefits of riding on a team and working together to achieve a common goal.  This is also a great opportunity for high school riders to hone their equestrian skills and prepare for the possibility of joining a competitive equestrian team in college.

Please visit the IEA website for more information -

Clinics & Camps

Clinics & Camps

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Every year MNE hosts top clinicians to enrich each riders training program. Hunter, jumper, and equitation trainers include: Nick Karazissis, Julie Winkel, Joe Fargis,  Richard Keller, Dick Widger, and Bernie Traurig.  The clinics present a unique opportunity to improve your riding skills while learning from some of the best professionals in the business.  We also have had Sports Psychologist, Tanya Johnson and Carrie Wicks, and have hosted judging clinics with top judging professionals.


Two weeks each summer, MNE hosts a summer camp for current clients.  These week long sessions include activities to educate campers on horsemanship, riding techniques, equipment and horse care.

Sales & Leasing
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Sales & Leasing

Marian has been creating successful partnerships between horses and riders for over 45 years.  With her many contacts in the bay area, West Coast, across the country and in Europe, she is able to find the right match for all her clients, be it a first pony or an accomplished hunter or jumper.  Please visit our ProEquest listing for all horses and ponies that are currently for sale or lease.

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