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This is what our clients are saying....

"Marian is an excellent trainer for older riders like me.  And I've been touched to observe how well she does with the four year olds, fifteen year olds, and everyone in between!  This is truly a comfortable, welcoming place for everyone."


Mary M. 10/29/18


"I’ve been riding at MNE for over twenty years and don’t have enough great things to say. Marian is welcoming and really makes you feel like you’re part of a family. Marian has taught me to always try your best, never give up when times get rough and how to adapt to ride many different types of horses. She’s helped me meet many of my personal goals including winning medal finals and year-end awards throughout the years. I’ve been given many opportunities riding at MNE that have helped develop my riding skills further. Some of these opportunities include being able to hack different horses, flexible lesson schedules, horse shows, hosting clinics, and riding at a beautiful facility Sonoma Horse Park. MNE’s assistant trainer Erin Garnett has worked so hard with my young horse Ivan at advancing his training. He’s a completely different horse now due to all the hard work from everyone at MNE . Valentien and Lazaro do a wonderful job at caring for the horses as well. I know I can trust all the staff at MNE to take the most excellent care of my horse. Ivan has never been happier and healthier, he really loves everyone at MNE. Thank you to Marian, Erin, Destiny Valentien and Lazaro for all of your hard work, assistance and loving care for my horse!"


Melissa M. 10/28/18


“My daughter transferred to MNE about a year ago and we couldn’t be more delighted with the progress she has made and the instruction she is receiving at MNE.  My daughter loves all three trainers and feels appropriately challenged in not only her development as a rider but also overall horsemanship and horse related knowledge base.  In addition, the lesson ponies are fabulous at MNE - so good in fact that my daughter was able to win Circuit Champion in cross rail equitation on one of them!  Everyone at the stable has been very welcoming to us and we look forward to each session.”


Bo A.


"My daughter fell off a horse a couple of years ago.  She was too afraid to get on another.  It was sad to see such a love she had for riding diminish before my eyes.  A friend suggested taking her to see Marian Nelson.  From her first lesson with Marian, I have seen my daughter's love bloom again for riding and horsemanship like never before.  Thank you Marian, Erin and team MNE!"


Tiffany T. 11/6/18


Marian and Erin have a tremendous impact on my daughter’s riding.  When we moved to MNE less than 2 years ago my daughter was afraid to jump a cross rail now she confidently just competed and placed in the top four in her first 2’ 6” pony medal final.  One of the things I love most about MNE is that there is such a focus on horsemanship.  Unlike many other barns in the area you have to groom and tack up your horse before and after your lessons.  When we aren’t at the barn or go on vacation I never have to worry if our pony is being taken care or schooled appropriately by one of the trainers.   We have been very happy at MNE and appreciate the barn culture and trainers very much, we look forward to what the future brings.    


Alexandra R. 11/7/18


"My daughter started riding with Marian at age 10 and is now 15 years old.  She started out as a very beginner rider and is now riding at the 1.0 meter jumpers and 3’ hunters and has won several first place and champions and champion reserves.  I noticed that Marian doesn’t also allow the students to progress to the higher jumps as fast as the students request, because she is more concerned about safety and wants to be sure that the students can ride well at the higher levels before they start to show at the higher levels.  This often results in the student placing in the top 4 positions even during their first rounds of competition at the higher levels.  I think this is because Marian knows that confidence is a large part of doing well in competition and also wants to be sure the students feel confident and are ready to perform."


"Marian also was willing to accommodate our schedule of coming from San Francisco and getting up to her stables after school.  Marian has the facilities and staff with the ability to have indoor (with lights after dark) and outdoor arenas for lessons and with several different trainers able to teach all levels of ability.  As a parent vs. rider, Marian has not only sought to provide great teaching, care and training of horses, but also a community for the riders and family, friends, and supporters of the riders. Marian organizes Christmas parties, dinners during the shows, and different fun horse events that go on throughout the year.  She also brings in some of the best trainers from all over the United States to offer different ways of teaching and joins outside organizations like the EAP and IEA programs to give kids the maximum exposure to different training opportunities.  As a parent, I especially appreciate the opportunities she creates for community development and the very supportive community that exists at MNE."  


June P. 11/9/18

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